Teamwork is a huge factor in companies around the world. Most companies survive off of teamwork. Teamwork brings a sense of security, trust, and loyalty to employees as well as the employers. Without teamwork, morale can be lowered. If morale is lowered, then productivity could be lowered as well.

Companies are aware of this fact, so they implement programs and activities to keep morale and productivity at its highest obtainable level. In athletics, you here a lot of coaches use the phrase, "There is no "I" in team. They use this phrase to emphasize to their players that they are not the only ones on the court. Coaches are very aware of the effects of teamwork. Coaches stress that their athletes become team players. This awareness has been carried over into the workforce.

Workforces have developed team activities as a way to enhance teamwork in the work force. Many managers have their team members enroll in team classes. These team classes prepare the employees for success. Team skills may be developed in students by lectured instruction on these skills and by explicitly delegating to each team member the responsibility for applying them. The use of small teams is rapidly growing across the United States of America. Companies as well as athletic teams are realizing the importance of teamwork.

Without teamwork, the world will revolve with very little emphasis on success. Companies will learn to develop outstanding teamwork exercises in order to maintain the highest quality of production. Teamwork is the newest and next wave of the future.