Stumbling and dripping blood from gashes of not only the flesh but of the soul Caesar makes his way towards his friend. Then the tear into Caesar most unkindly of all comes from Brutus. As Brutus hacked at his friend the thought most probably farthest from his mind was loyalty. Most people have to face the moral ramification of loyalty, betrayal, and mistrust.

When you stand by a friend threw thick and thin you are being loyal. Loyalty is one of those tricky things in life. Staying loyal to a friend may cost you a lot in the long run. Brutus thought he was a good friend, but when pressure was put on him he swayed. It is easy to give up and not be loyal to a friend. If Brutus had been a true friend he would have given his life right then and there along side Caesar.

Of course Brutus did not die on the ides of March. Brutus choose the easy route, which was to betray his friend. Betrayal is just not being loyal to someone. Betraying a trust can be the worst thing of all; there fore, it can be said that Brutus committed the worst crime of all.

When Brutus hacked at his friend, making him a former friend, he betrayed Caesar for the first time. The way he further betrayed Caesar was by saying he was a bad person who would have gone on to destroy Rome. Other conspirators: Cassius, Casc a, and Decius also betrayed Caesar. The reason that Caesar died is not complex, but simply mistrust. The conspirators did not trust Caesar.

They were sure he would destroy Rome by becoming a tyrant. Later Cassius and Brutus's mistrust of each other would hander their cause. When two people in a group are fighting it makes the group weaker; for this reason Antony one his fight while Brutus lay dead. Mistrust will simply lead to demise, weather it be your demise or that of your idea. Because Brutus did not understand the concepts of loyalty, betrayal, and mistrust he was unprepared for the consequences.

If Brutus had been a better friend he and Caesar would have lived out their days in peace and tranquillity. I think the only person Brutus has to blame for his loss is himself.