Have you ever wanted to drive an Aston Martin through a hairpin turn at speeds above a hundred miles an hour? But you can't. Maybe you cannot afford a car that expensive, or maybe you are not old enough to drive! Or just maybe you are afraid you will crash and get hurt! Well I have good news for you, now you can do just this in the comfort of your own home with the help of a Playstation and two games, Need for Speed: High Stakes, and Gran Turismo 2 (GT 2) With the help of these two games you can finally race a super car down a famous racetrack without the risks involved with actually racing a car. They are both extremely fun racing games. They use real cars, and you race on beautifully detailed tracks. What sets the two games apart is the realism involved between the two of them.

How they are advertised GT 2 is mostly advertised as a driving simulator, in fact on the front of the cover it says, "The ultimate driving simulator," while NFS (Need For Speed) is advertised as a type of fun arcade style game. Need For Speed First let us go over NFS. NFS has about 8 beautiful tracks, and about 15 detailed cars. But it has one thing that separates it from GT 2. It is high pursuit and high stakes mode. In high pursuit mode, you become the police officer and chase after the cars; you must do anything possible including crash and corner the car that you are chasing.

It is a very fun thing but often times gets boring after about half an hour. In high stakes mode you and a friend must bet your car on a race, the winner takes the losers car, it is an easy way to win cars but also to loose them. In this game you can do level 1, 2, 3 upgrades to your car and make it better, and increase your chances of winning. Gran Turismo 2 GT 2 also excels in its variety of tracks and cars, there are about 24 different tracks, and they are modeled after real life tracks.

There are also literally hundreds of different cars to choose from. What makes this game good is that the cars react similarly to how they would act in real life, for example a front wheel drive car understeer's (going in a curve it acts like it wants to go forward) while a rear wheel drive car oversteer's (when the back of the car swings outward) this is the case in real life as it is in the game which makes for realistic game play. The game also has different upgrades you can perform on the car, but there are more and different types of upgrades you can perform on your car. Which game you should get! I would have to say that between these two games I would choose GT 2 since it is more fun. Both games are available now and cost twenty dollars each. I suggest you pick them up at a store near you but if you cannot get both, then just get GT 2..