Wrong and Even Scary Certain people believe that life is not valuable. Although they may not admit this as being true it is evident through their behavior. They admit it through behavior such as believing that it is acceptable to decide one others fate. To believe that it is satisfactory for one human being to decide if another human being should live or die is wrong and even scary. Doctors should not be legally able to assist terminally ill patients to commit suicide. The most precious gift that God has given human beings is the gift of life.

Even with this being true people abuse this gift everyday. They abuse this gift in many ways. One way is by attempting to play the role of God. People who assist in deciding one others fate also believe that they are God. This may sound strange but it 100% true. Human beings who assist terminally ill patients to commit suicide believe that they are God.

People who believe that it is justifiable for doctors to assist terminally ill patients commit suicide believe that is acceptable for others to play the role of God. Both of these types of Lee, 2 people are equally wrong. Both of these people's beliefs are also disgusting. There is no way that any human being should be allowed to decide when another human beings time to die is. Terminally ill patients are not exactly thinking 100% correctly during their illness. Some are just not thinking at all.

Being terminally ill would be a very dramatic period in anyone's life. So this being said when patient who knows that they are going to die asks another human being to aid them to commit suicide they are not thinking straight. They might believe in their own mind that this is what they want but in reality if they were thinking straight they would not want this at all. This can be proven as well. If one were to ask another when they were perfectly healthy if that they ever became terminally ill if they would like to commit suicide the answer would be no. But yet if that same person were to become terminally ill they might want the exact opposite.

That same person might want a doctor to assist them in committing suicide. There is no way that any doctor can be positive that any patients request for suicide is a legit one. No one human being should be able to decide one other human beings fate. That would be playing the role of God. No terminally ill patient is ever thinking 100% clearly when they ask for assistance in suicide. Doctors who do this and people who believe in this are wrong in their beliefs..