Star Wars Recently I was an audience member for the movie " The Phantom Menace", the newest addition to the "Star Wars" series. It isn't really an addition though, it is a prologue to the other three movies. I found that this movie had an excellent storyline, easy to follow and interesting enough to NOT get a bag of popcorn. The acting was another subject. Each of the members seemed like they weren't always in "character." I can understand that the movie was a lengthy process of making and a group of the main characters weren't even real! Infact, 90% of the movie is computer generated. Which is good when you look at the landscaping and effects, but having to improvise another actor when there really is just empty space is a hard feat.

The dialogue of each actor was dry during some of the parts. With the exception of the computer generated characters. Also, the "evil" charactersdidn't have much of a role in speaking yet they were a major part in the main conflict ofthe movie which was classic good versus evil. Back to special effects. This is what made "The Phantom Menace" a seat-gripping movie. Each explosion and laser sword fight seemed to be completely real.

Sound effects had enough BOOM and WHEAT to leave an ear ring. The mass size of some of the monsters blew me away. I was a little disappointed seeing cool looking creatures in the background that played no role in the movie. I guess they were just thousand dollar cameos. So maybe some people might think that "The Phantom Menace" was the greatest movie ever made but those people will say the same about the next 2. Then you have the people that say the movie was a big flop or it wasn't worth the hype.

Sure it wasn't worth the hype but even the 2 nd coming of Christ wouldn't be as publicized as "Star Wars." My opinion I thought that George Lucas had another successful project that fit well in todays theaters. I wouldn't put it a the top of my list but it is a good movie to watch. Maybe I'll like one of the next 10 "Star Wars" better than "The Phantom Menace Long Ago, in a galaxy far far away.