If I were to write a paper on gun control I would have to say that finding the information on the topic was very readily available. The Internet is A fairly reliable means of obtaining important and accurate information. There were also numerous books dedicated to the Issue of Gun Control. I could write a number of papers with the information I collected.

Such as Different form of gun control, why gun control works, and Why should we Fight Gun Control. I could easily write a paper in support of Gun control but on the same note I could write a paper against gun control. I would start any of the papers with statistics that I collected. The information they provide paints a pretty good picture of the Basis for the need Of Gun Control. The same statistic can work against Gun control. Depending on the way that the information is analyzed the sword could swing both ways.

Many of the statistics showed a decrease in gun crimes after Guns were let loose among Common Citizen; yet, at the same time more guns get stolen and then used in violent crimes. So the common Idea is that the more guns the more gun crimes. Not always, In places Like Amsterdam, were Gun Control is at its strongest, gun crimes are still the most common. More guns can mean more crime.

It depends greatly on the location of the weapons. The Next step would be to show the benefits of gun control, and the declines of gun control. The natural benefits of gun control are very obvious and very unpredictable. The reasons why they are unpredictable is because in some cases less guns mean less crime, but sometimes the more guns the less crimes. But the Obvious benefit is that it keeps gun away from people that wouldn't have any way to buy the gun. If you can't buy a gun then you don't need a gun.

But I can also say that Heavy Gun Control is a constitional treat to Americans. In Most incidents were the Government kills people the people have been under heavy gun control. A big point with many people is "if they outlaw guns the only ones with guns would be the outlaws. The Government knows that they can not stop people from having guns, but they try to slow it down. After all this I would have to move to my theory about a solution.

Gun Control is important, but it isn't necessary to stop people from owning gun. People have the right to own guns and should have the right to own a side arm. Guns are great tools when used by some one that know, and respects the power possessed by that gun. If we took less time from stopping people from owning a weapon, and spent more time educating people about guns then they might respect them. Guns don't Kill people, people kill people with guns, that's how it works.

No body has to die. No minors or the mentally ill should not handle firearms except under very careful supervision. People who have been convicted of violent crimes should not purchase or carry a firearm. Unfortunately, criminals do not need to purchase their firearms in gun stores nor do they tend to feel the need to register them. We just need to screen people and try and take guns off the street.