Age is another important factor, which defines individual behaviour to a great degree. When they are young, people are more likely to engage in high-risk activities, as they do not posses a very developed notion of danger, which only comes with age. On the other hand, older people are known to be more conservative and resistant to any social changes. Basically, they become more concerned about their own well being, as they get older, as opposed to the well being of the whole nation. This is due to the fact that an advanced age deprives people of their idealism. It is especially becomes obvious, during the elections, when older folk readily votes for anyone who would promise them more security and health benefits, even though it would negatively impact younger generations.

The most productive age is from 20 to 30 years, this is when people's lack of knowledge is compensated by their cheer energy. Also, it is the best age to conceive a healthy children. After 60 years old, people's behaviour slowly begins to turn into the one of a child. All it takes to confirm the validity of this statement, is one visit to senior citizens facility.