Caused by the failure of the top management to keep the company the number one in the market Apple Computers decides to form an alliance with its fiercest competitor IBM in the field of new architecture processor development. The Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) architecture allows the processor to be given fewer amounts of instructions for the performance of some particular task or process. The new architecture invented was so attractive to the clients that it gave and additional burst to the whole entertainment industry. The world famous partnership of Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, the producer of the breakthrough Toy Story, decided to use the RISC-based processor to create this masterpiece.

In the 1995, when Toy Story hit the movie theatres around the globe, the market opens for millions of Macintosh workstations. Besides, many new companies, which produce Mac clones, emerge. The several next years will mark the history of computer technologies forever. In 1996 Apple Computers buys NeXT, the software development company founded by Steve Jobs after his resignation from the company. Later that year Jobs becomes a CEO of Apple Macintosh and the company records first profits after several years of loss.

As the result of the new company's policy of constant research and development market is introduced to the i Mac and i Book, the first comers and still leaders of palm tools. In 1999 the new processor developed by Apple is released. Disney and Pixar once again use G 4 processor, the most powerful of those times, to create another great animation work Toy Story 2. These years were like a second birth for the company, which began to loose its market share.

Nowadays Apple is known for their innovative approach to cut-edge technologies. The company is striving to reclaim the share of the market it lost during the many years of fierce competition. The number of the users is growing slowly but steadily. What is the most interesting of that is that the current users of Mac are professional users after whom the trends of technology will follow. At the end I would like to stress out the following: even the worst cause can lead to great effects.

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