The world is run with economic systems. Two of these economic systems are the market economy and the command economy. These economic systems both greatly differ and are similar in there ways of controlling the factors of production, ownership, and their incentives for efficient production. An area of the world that has a command economy is India.

The government controls and makes decisions with the factors of production. The factors of production are the resources used to produce goods and services, such as load, labor and capital. Within these socialist areas, there is no presence of motivation, a very important factor in an economy. This is because no matter what they do for their economy, every boyd will recieve the same pay. For example, a doctor would get paid the same amount as a dishwasher. This creates un motivation because there is nowhere to progress to.

People don't want to work hard for the same pay as someone who doesn't. Also, since the government controls the factors of production, and not the individual consumers themselves, it is impossible for the few in power to know the many needs, and conditions of resource availability, within the whole economy. Therefore, many things of importance are not recognized, or over looked and the economy and people suffer from the loss. It is present in these areas of socialism that many of the people suffer from poverty because of this economic system. Hong Kong used to be a command economy.

Hong Kong was very poor. This poor area quickly changed over the years into a very prosperous place. This is due to it's change to the market economy. Hong Kong is also the freest of economies. The United states of america also has a market economy.

In a market economy, or free enterprise economy, the individuals own the factors of production and make the decisions with them. This is unlike the command ec only beca ues their government controls the factors of production. The market economy is more effie cent because the individuals decide for themselves how to answer economic questions, looking out for their own personal best interest. This creates motivation, in which the command economy lacks. Entrepreneurs also play a large roll in the economy.

In Hong Kong, it is extremely easy to start your own business. This helps the economy strive, opening up new ideas, and competition. Although it is more difficult to be an entrueprenur in america, it is still fairly easy to open your own business and start your own line of work. In india on the other hand, you can also be an entreprenuer, but it is very difficult to do this because of it's many process one must go through with government, because of it's command economy. In conclusion it seems that the more free your economy is, the more easy it is to strive together to be wealthy.

The many differences between a command economy and a market economy is why india has such a hard tome prospering. Although these economies do have their similarities, it is obvious that the difference over rule them, and it is obvious what is the better economic system.