In many stories that we read there are characters that use a thing called their attitude they will use this attitude in a way that they look at the ways they live in the story. But these ways are different for each and every character. In the story The Bean Trees by Barbra Kingsolver uses this as the theme. The way each and every character handles there attitude.

The different ways they look at this attitude is where it all can vary. Lou Ann is one of the characters thats actions in the book evolved around the way she looked at attitude in a way that she will only be scared of things and never standing up for herself and being a wimp. For example, She expected that a divorce would just develop, like a pregnancy. Lou Ann never really wants any harm to come from her actions.

In what she says or what she might think. She also feels that if does nothing things will change. In addition, If you all want to go and catch pee-namo nia, be my guest. In this quote she is acting like a worrywart and will never have any fun. I seems as though having fun is taking a risk to her.

Furthermore, Im afraid I would just blurt out, underpants! or something. This also supports the theme because it show that the way she looks at her attitude is not the way that if she is careful then nothing will harm her. All these quotes prove that Lou Anns attitude is she feels that does not need to have any command over things. Or to have any controlling attitude at all.

A stronger and a more bold character named Mattie is a character deals with attitude in a way that she becomes a mother or teacher like person. She feels that a more ancestor like attitude is needed. For example, Ill run get apple juice I wont be a minute. In this one she is acting like a mother figure she offers to help even though she has never meet this lady before. She likes this too and loves to show it. In addition, Whats Mattie going to be on TV about This one shows that Matti has confidence in her self to talk on TV.

She is also on TV because she is teaching something. Furthermore, Mattie called first thing to say that Esperanza was alright. This shows that she cares for people in certain ways and she will help watch over someones life when it is not convenient for herself. All these quotes prove that Mattie attitude is shaped in a way that she is kind of like a friend that would help you in times when you need to be taught or when you just need it. The final and most important character named Taylor interprets a stuck up, I can fend for my self, kind of attitude. She uses this type of attitude through all the parts of the story where she feels threatened.

For example, Look, buster, you can help me, or you can stand and watch, but either way Im out if here. Taylor is showing that she cant be pushed around in fact it actually is the other way around. She is doing all the pushing. But basically she want him to know that he cant hurt her.

In addition, The had been about the uniform. The shorts werent actually plastic, it turned out, but cotton polyester with some kind of shiny finish that had to be dry cleaned. This was a fight about something stupid and was really not a fight about the uniform but was actually a fight about who could be pushed around. She does not feel that she needs to be pushed around from a guy that I a prick.

Furthermore, What you pay for that bucket of bolts A buck two-eighty Sassy one, arent you This Quote shows that she really shows that if anyone messes with her she will get mad. Her Attitude also changes when she is around boys in ways that she will get all of a sudden suspicious. Those are clear examples of how Taylors attitude can be a little sassy and shows that she can handle herself. The attitude a character in a story is what it revolves around many have weak attitudes and there are some with such high attitude that you cant even go near them with out getting them mad. All these characters show these in the way they act. Some more than others but they all use some sort of attitude to show or say things they want to get out.

The theme attitude based on the way that everyone in this story looks at it in different ways is true. The Bean Trees.