Home Schooling The opposers of home-schooling can argue that home-schooled children can never be certain if they are learning all the things in the curriculum, and if their standards are equal to their traditional schooled counterparts. They also worry that children who are home-schooled miss out on the social life of being at a traditional school. Home-schooled students in the US always beat out their traditional schooled counterparts in standardized tests. They are also free from distraction while at study, and still can socialize with other children in their neighbourhood. Home-school also allows for more flexible time schedules. A student's schedule does not have to revolve around a set school time and school activities.

Home-schooling is an especially wise decision for students who are seriously involved in the arts or sports. They have to learn to devote the majority of their time doing what they will do as a career, and school homework often holds them back from being able to do these things. Also, they can use the 9: 00 am- 3: 00 pm time when the mind is at its most focused state and the body is at its most responsive state to practice or learn their art or sport and use the latter time when they are less energized to do school work. Sometimes home-school is seen as an option for students who are excelling in their classes and not being challenged enough. These children can work at their own pace, and take breaks at anytime and still be able to ace the standardized tests.

Home-Schooling also gives the student more life experiences than a traditional school does. A traditional school is very age-segregated and unconsciously teaches to be intimidated by those who are older than you. In the home-schooled enviroment things are much different. Since mos home-schooled children are home-schooled with their siblings or have friends other than just the ones their age, they can adapt more easily to all different types people. But these kids who are being home-schooled often are much smarter than their traditional counterparts. If they are taught one thing, they don't have to reinforce it with all the homework questions the traditional schools give them for homework, they can pretty much grasp a concept and remember it after only a few examples..