Wife Of Bath Feminism, or a doctrine advocating social, political, and economic rights for women equal to those of men, plays a large role in 'The Wife of Bath " sPrologue'. Describing marriage as a misery, the Wife has been married five times. Only one of her husbands she married was because of true love. The reason why she has gone through so many husbands is because her ideal husband is one who permits her to do whatever she wants. Of course, in the 1990's and even back in the 1500's, that kind of spouse is hard to find.

The Wife is a pragmatist, or one who is concerned with actual practice. She is a very sexually active person, although is said to be 'gap-toothed', overweight, and foul smelling. In her prayer, she asks for meek, youthful, sexually vigorous husband to fulfill her needs. Due to the Wife's feminist ic views, she can fulfill her needs and desire's because of her strong opinion. She can continue to marry however many men she wants until her needs are met.

'He said that as for precepts he hadn one. One may advise a woman to be one; Advice in my commandment in my view. He left in our judgement what to do.' In this quote, the Apostle Paul is telling the Wife to use her good judgement against her views. It is considerably easy to understand the Wife's views about feminism, because in her time women did not have the same privilege's as men. She expresses her strong opinions, which results in gaining the power that she always wanted.