A light breeze blew across my face, my feet were on the soft sandy beach. I was standing there turning towards the ocean the sun was setting, walking closer to the water... a shiver went down my spine. Quite scared, I stepped into the cold, freezing night water.

I looked down to see my reflection, I was totally screwed, and as I walk in more I felt like living a freezer. The sun went down so slowly, the noise of the ocean vibrated in my head, I was splashing in the water. Now that it was up to my hips I began to swim. Swimming across trying to reach the sun I was exhausted, the trail was neverending and there was no way I could have gone to it. The ocean was still and cold but I felt warm as sweat began to form on my forehead. Just as I stopped to hear a splashing noise, a cold breeze took away the warmth.

Something was heading my way, I felt the force of the water pushing against me. I was in terror when I felt a rough side of something brush by my leg, even more sweat had roll down my cheek and I was completely shocked. Thinking of what it was, I realized I have swam too far, but what was that mysterious creature hiding beneath the water. It happened again, slowly after a second or two, I heard a tiny splash, I wanted to scream but no sound seemed to come out. I saw a sharks fin bobbing up and down, too scared to move or scream I stood there, down in the cold water I felt the shark with those sharp teeth biting in to me. I wanted to scream and yell but I couldnt and I finally could when Ive been bitten, but it was too late.

No one can turn back time. I felt very hot, I laid my hand across my forehead, sweat trickled on it. My eyes started opening, but my brain seemed half asleep, I smiled to myself and said it was all a dream. As I started to get up, I felt this acute pain that flowed through my leg, the bitten one, and as I looked around I could hear so many people saying She woke up. I was wondering wher I was, and youve guessed it... the hospital! Looking around so many people have now crowded around me and they looked like doctors and nurses.

Well, I said to myself, who else could they be when Im in the hospital. Back to the pain, I laid back down in my bed and my painful leg begun stinging. They put my to slept as I was taking to another room, which... Oh no, was the operation room! I was panicking wanting to get out, putting me to slept wasnt a good idea, I was struggling to keep awake but suddenly I felt so tired like I stayed up the whole night.

I woke up again, the sun was now shining bright from outside the window, there was no more pain from my leg and as I looked at it... I was as shocked as when I was bitten. No one actually told me and asked me about it, they had chopped my leg off! ! And now I have to wear this fake leg all my life. I was very angry and disappointed, I didnt think that this would actually happen, and if I had knew I wouldnt have gone swimming. But as I said before, think before doing something because no one, absolutely no one can turn back time.