Conversation Some piece of writing on human characteristics can either relate to an individual or it has no relevance and the individual would then disagree. In the articles His Talk, Her Talk by Joyce Maynard and Man to Man, Woman to Woman by Mark Sherman and Adelaide Haas both topics are about the different communication characteristics the different sex possess. However Man to Man, Woman to Woman contains more strong points that gives the reader better information and can be better understood. Both articles prove the same point that I agree to be true. Although Man to Man, Woman to Woman has more strong points, both pieces of writing prove their points. The writing His Talk, Her Talk gives personal examples of how men and women feel more comfortable around the same sex.

Joyce Maynard goes on to add that men have different topics than woman and that also different speech characteristics. Most girls do talk about the same thing being hair, clothes, and relationship problems, etcetera. It goes the same for men, too. My male friends and I talk about drugs, parties, girls, sports and cars. In Man to Man, Woman to Woman, it gives data of men having more fast paced conversations that are to the point and unemotional, which I find agreeable.

Girls talk all the time on the phone where guys only use it for business. In Man to Man, Woman to Woman the only weak point to the whole article is that it speaks for the typical man and woman. I never though as being a typical male, however, I seem to fit in this category. In His Talk, Her Talk the author only talks about herself.

This is a much smaller category than the typical man and female so only a few relate. Also Joyce Maynard s article contains no facts, just stories that make her points weak. Maynard talks about being at parties and they would become segregated with men in one room and the women in the kitchen. My experiences are much different a parties where men and women are in conversations all the time. In conclusion, I strongly agree with Man to Man, Woman to Woman being that it relates more to me and is backed up by having information from a population rather one person s view.

I agree with the main points of His Talk, Her Talk, but her experiences are only with her and cannot relate. Since I agree with both articles, I learned useful information on conversation and can see where the problem comes from and how to solve them.