At the end of eighth grade, we had to write letters to ourselves in Language Arts class. Mine was complete bullshit. At thirteen years old, I had already developed the art of bullshitting. But the worst part is, my letter was one of the ones in the running to be read at the Eighth Grade Salute.

How pathetic. Dear Erica, As I look over my years at the middle school, I realize that I have learned and grown in many ways. The middle school has not only taught me math and science, but to believe in myself. Through the years, my friends and teachers have given me courage and strength, which I will need for high school and which I will have all my life. I'm excited and eager about going on to the high school, but also weary and reluctant to leave behind many memories and special moments. I've come to love and appreciate everything about the middle school and everything that I have learned from it.

I couldn't have survived middle school without the wonderful teachers who have always made themselves available to me. They taught me many things. They taught me to think and make my own opinions, to apply what I have learned, and to express my thoughts creatively. I have also learned to how to plan my time better and organize my work.

That is a must to survive trips to the locker, homework, teachers, and tests. I know that as I spend my last few days at the middle school, I will cherish and remember every moment. I will remember my friends, teachers, laughter, failures, and triumphs. I know that I can't stay at the middle school forever because it's time to move on. While a part of me is holding back, the other part is pushing forward, determined to meet all challenges and obstacles I may come across as I move higher up. I know that I can do anything I put my mind to.

But as I move up, I know that I will always remember what the middle school has given me: confidence, determination, friendship, and the desire to learn. ge jat zoek maar liners.