The Word Processor Wizard has created a document with the choices you made. Now you can perform the same tasks in this document that you would in any Word Processor document. You can change the formatting or layout, insert pictures, check the spelling, and print the document. Before you start working in the document, it's a good idea to name and save it. Then, you " re ready to start working. If the document contains any sample text, you can make changes or additions.

Just click the section that contains the text you want to change, and then start typing. You can also move and copy the text to rearrange it. The sample content may also include writing tips. Be sure to delete the tips by selecting (move the insertion point to the beginning of the text you want, click and hold down the mouse button, move the insertion point to highlight the text, and then release the mouse button) the text, and then pressing the DELETE key. Related topics About using templates and wizards Start using the Word Processor Templates and wizards make it easy to get a task finished quickly. A template is a boilerplate document that contains existing information, such as styles, art, and text.

For example, you can use the Babysitter template that is already formatted as a list to create a list of instructions. All you have to do is fill in the information you want. When you use a template, you work in a new document that's a copy of the template. You don't have to worry about changing the original template. It will always be there to help you get started when you want to use it again. You can also create your own template.

If you have already created a document that has text or styles that you want to use again, you can save that document as a template. Wizards make it easy to create professional-looking documents. Use a wizard to create a resume, letter, stationery, or school report with the styles you choose. To help you get started, some wizards contain sample text.