Art today within our culture is mainly all about self-expression. Society or at least the American's are so convinced that self-expression is a way of showing a form of art. Although, it is uncertain why art has changed from realism to a form of self-expression, but there are many different assumptions why. I'd generalize and say that the difference between Realism and self-expression of art is on a continuous scale. Furthermore, both forms of art are still being done today, although the most common of the art is that of self-expression. The art form Realism was commonly used to show that something was achieved, like a sketch of a hunt, or maybe a battle sketched on a wall, something in that matter.

Realism may not be used much too express art anymore, but realism is the oldest of the two common art forms. Examples can date back to decades, or even centuries ago. For instance, Egyptians built monstrous creations such as pyramids to have a final resting place for their leader, or leaders. Furthermore, these creations have hieroglyphics inside of them, really to show and express anything in general in their time. Nevertheless, this art form is really not done anymore, art today is considered to more of a way to express themselves. The ways this belief has influenced the society can be many things.

For an example, music can be considered an art form to some people. Music, especially within the past fifty years has had a huge impact in our society. Everyone and I mean everybody listens to music one time or another. For what reasons we listen to music various from motivation or maybe we just want to feel melancholy at the time. Painting is another art form, especially for self-expression. Artists may draw to "to explain their general motives, their inspiration, and their philosophy about art" (Jackson, 1).

Maybe the society changed their ways of expressing art because self-expression seemed to be an easier way of expressing the truth, or maybe art is a way of figuring each other out. The way self-expression has become the main art of today really depends on who you ask. Although I believe this art form became the more influenced of the two arts because people seem to give in easier by expressing themselves. Really to think about it this art form gradually grew with time, maybe with the help of music, art, poetry, movies, photos, sports, or even now; body art (piercings, tattoos). As time passes on art will change again, it could be a hundred, or two hundred years from now. Although just like the past, we as the society will leave our footprints behind for others to look back on, and possibly study on why we considered self-expression as an art.

Furthermore, there may not be just once moment in time that changed our ways of art, but then again there may be. The reasons why is probably more of a personal belief, or an expression of ones self.