Morality and law Law is rules that established by authority or custom, regulating the behavior of members of a community. Morality is principles of good behavior, conforming to moral principles; goodness or rightness. Morality plays a very important role in the law system. Both law and morality are the controlling mechanism in the society. Not any communities can be built up or kept in order without either of them. Law will be useless without the existence of morality, vice versa.

They support each other and can! t be separated. Morality is a necessary guide in building up law, it can assure the implement of law, and also it is the supplement of law. 1. the necessaries in constituting law Morality is the source of law.

Morality is the reflection of the politics and economics as well as the real benefit and the right or wrong criteria of the common people. So the constitution of law must represent the main principles of moralities. Only by this way, law can obtain the basis of justice to be accepted and supported by the populace. Moralities are also very important in revising and abolishing law. When some regulations of the current law run away from the base of morality, criticisms will ask to have it amended.

2. it can assure the implement of law Law must be practiced by those who have basic professional moralities. If not, the law will be not truly executed. The cooperation and the advocacy of the people will help practice law. In a society in which moralities are lack, it is impossible for law to be carried on completely. 3.

morality is the supplement of law Of course law can regulate not any fields of life, thus moralities are needed. Law is not almighty, nor is moralities. So they two must c.