Title: Madonna dell Grand uca Year: 1505 Author: Raphael Raphael created Individualism as the painter of a sweet Madonna, and this painting is just that. This painting is not complex in the least bit. It is a very simple, obvious; a soft painting of the Madonna holding her infant Child of God. There is an eloquent beauty is the painting. The background is a dark black, making the red dress on the Madonna stand out even more. Even those she is in red, there is only feelings of calm beauty between the mother and child.

She is holding her child is a solid yet affectionate way. Both the faces of the child and the Madonna are full of life. There is nothing edgy or stylish in the painting, yet it has the feel of a still body of water that would be disturbed if the wind blew ever so slightly. This painting helps to represent the Renaissance.

Both the Madonna and Child have a realistic portrayal of the human body and this painting is noted to be a Classical style. As humanism, a focus on humankind as the center of intellectual and an artistic endeavor, was a theme in the Italian Renaissance, the painting highlights a beautiful woman with a huggable baby. It is a simple portrait of how wonderful the human being is in this life. Religion was not a focus during the Renaissance, even though the subject of this painting is the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus, Raphael created art of live and passion and not symbols.