I Love Rock and Roll The early 1950 s in America was a time for conservative teenagers. They would come home early from dates, wear their hair slicked to the side and dress in clothing so that their bodies were not exposed to the public. Until the year of 1956. This is the year when all of America changed. Rock and Roll was first introduced, and soon worshiped. Teen idol, Elvis Presley, changed the lives and attitudes of every American teenager.

From fashion to morals, every teenager in America was effected by this new form of entertainment, Rock and Roll. Girls began to dress less and guys wore tight jeans with leather jackets. Rock and Roll changed a generation. If I had the chance to go back in time, I would travel back to the 50 s. This decade appeals to me most because of the fashion, music and unblemished movie stars. Fashion is the essence of it all.

Clothing styles was the beginning of the transition in the 50 s. From the height of formality evidenced in the 40 s, to an ever-increasing informality in styles that were present by the late 50 s. Girls pounced around in mid-knee poodle skirts with motifs on them. They would accompany their skirts with tight fitting blouses tucked into the waist; and to top it off girls would wear saddle shoes. Summer clothing consisted of strapless or halter bathing suit tops, one piece suits and plastic shoes. The boys on the other hand, would wear plain white t-shirts, with jeans and either a leather jacket or sport cardigan and converse.

The fashion of the 50 s reminds me of the characters in Grease. I think it would be so much fun to wake up and dress in a poodle skirt to school. To go back in time and date a guy with slicked back hair and tight form fitting jeans. Fashion was not different depending on the person like it is now in the new millennium, it was all the same, yet fun. People didn't have to worry about what others would say.

There was no stereotyping, and or conversation about how people look, but who was wearing the cutest poodle skirt. Who could forget Marilyn Monroe? The idol for all models and actresses, who is still remembered today. The way she wore that "white dress" and looked so flawless in her magazine shoots. Although Marilyn was bigger than your average model today, back then weight was not an issue. If you were pretty with a big bust and hips along with a small waist, you were considered model material. Marilyn was not the only model, there was Audrey Hepburn and Sandra Dee.

There were no eating disorders or depression of girls because of their bodies. All models were beautiful and average with their weight. To be able to eat all I want, and still think that I can look like "her," changes a person's self-esteem. People, especially girls, were a lot happier with themselves and lived their lives without half the stress girls do today. Remember watching all those old movies from the 50 s, where the mom stays home and cooks and cleans all day? The kids come home from school so happy and dad returns from work and they have one big happy family dinner.

Not in this world. My family is on all different time schedules. My mom works late, and my dad comes home early. My brother has football practice and my sister has cheerleading practice. We attempt to have those perfect family dinners, but it never happens. If my family lived back in the 50 s, I think things would be different.

My mom could play little Betty Crocker, and cook pot roast with mashed potatoes and most importantly vanilla wafers. We would all come home satisfied with our day and talk peacefully among each other. Instead, we all eat at different times, sometimes yell because of a bad day and rarely does my mom cook dinner anymore. To travel back and have that one Betty Crocker dinner would satisfy me like no other. What changed the 50 s forever was the king himself, Elvis Presley. "With a sound and style that uniquely combined his diverse musical influences and blurred and challenged the social and racial barriers of the time, he ushered in a whole new ear of American music and popular culture" ( web).

Teenagers looked up to him and were inspired by his music and overall style. In 1956, Elvis Presley had his first number one hit, that was continuously played on the radio in every home. He appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show and The Steve Allen Show. I can remember my mom telling me stories about when she was younger. My mom and her friends used to gather around the television set in the basement and stare as Elvis performed. They would dress up like Elvis, with loose long beaded jackets, and tight pants; signing "Hound Dog." To experience this legend of Rock and Roll, and understand why teenagers idolized Elvis, would make me appreciate all the stories my mom ever told me.

We hear stories about Elvis to this day, and all of his accomplishments throughout the years. "His talent, good looks, sensuality, charisma, and good humor endeared him to millions, as did the humility and human kindness he demonstrated throughout his life" (web). If I could travel back to the 50 s and be able to live through the infamous decade of Rock and Roll, would be the best experience of my life. With the end of World War II, the conflict that united America, individuals were now branching off and discovering new interests. Americans turned to music for comfort, because it reflected the state of affairs that the country was facing. Rock and Roll was what brought Americans back together after the war.

It was the perfect excuse for teenagers to dance crazy new dances, and wear wild new hair styles. Although it was only a fad, Rock and Roll has continued to be one of the most popular and recognizable types of music. I would want to take a trip back to the 50 s, and live the way the teenagers did back then. I want to wear a pink poodle skirt with a white tight blouse, and scarfs tied around my neck.

My boyfriend would wear tight jeans, with a sport cardigan and slicked back hair. He would pick me up for a date in his parents Chevrolet, and we would listen to Elvis as we drove to a drive-in movie. The people were different back then. People were more appreciative of what they had, and worked hard for what they wanted. I look highly upon the people of the 50 s, and wish I had the opportunity to experience such a fun-filled decade.