"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Red Auerbach. In every corner of the world, people play and listen to music. Music has a very important meaning in many people's lives. Music has influenced me in different ways and has always been a part of my life since early childhood years.

Music is a very important factor to many people in the world today. People may use music as therapy, healing, comfort. Music is often considered as one of the two most precious gifts from God. There are so many things that people cherish about music. Music is made for the enjoyment of people of every age. In my adolescent years I have used music in helping others out, but I feel there are three things that are prominent in the sound of music.

Three aspects reflect my image of music: relaxation of the soul, creativity of the mind, and connection of others. One aspect that is prominent in music is relaxation for the soul. First, relaxation is a motivation in people's lives today. In stores today, many CD's can be bought for relaxation. A lot of them may contain forest sounds, ocean sounds, and rain sounds. Relaxation can help many people in the stressful world today; it helps loosen muscles in your body.

Calming music can helping people clear their mind on a brain boggling day. For instance, after a long hard ay at school I often times pull out a peaceful CD and just loll down to relax. I always pick out my favorite sounds out of the song and focus on that one sound... Often when people do this it helps them focus on a tranquil sound and it keeps their mind off of the dilemmas they had that day. When people listen to music, some may have a favorite instrument that they like to listen to. Various types of music will have a variety of instruments, ranging from flug-horn, trumpet, bass, drums, guitar, and saxophone.

All of these instruments are key factors in music today. People may have a favorite instrument and go to a store and buy music just from that instrument. Today more and more people are turning to instrumental music to help relieve stress from they body after a hard working day.