Music is sound arranged into patterns. It forms an important part of many cultural and social activities. It is one of the oldest arts known to men. Music takes many forms around the world. It plays an important part in all cultures. People use music in ceremonies, in work, and in personal and social actives.

Most people use music in their religious services, and for their own satisfaction. Music provides people with a way to express their feelings and ideas. For example, a happy person may sign cheerful songs as they go about their busy day, while a sad person may play a mournful tune on a musical instrument. Music also serves to entertain and relax. Music has helped many people to relax.

For example, according to the Bible, David played the harp to help King Saul take his mind off the problems of Israel. And many famous leaders have composed or performed music in some way. For example Kings Richard 1 and Henry VILL of England composed music. While Presidents Harry S. Truman and Richard M. Nixon of the USA played the piano.

Music is use at a vair ty of social occasion, many ancient people used music in court and religious ceremonies. The first written music dates from about 2500 B. C. The music of people in Europe and the Americas is known as Western music. There are two chief kinds of Western music, classical and popular. Symphonies, operas, and ballets are classical music.

Popular music includes country music, folk music, jazz, and rock music.