Amazon's web site is very user friendly by being easy to navigate. Simple colors allow potential customers to see the 'trees' in their forest of products. What was once a bookstore on line has developed into a veritable department store. I liked their search capabilities for finding specific products, going to specific departments ie.

Jewellery and the non-related web sites through the google link. I was surprised by the links to potential competitors such as Toys 'R Us and Target. I liked that you could shop internationally as well as domestically for titles from other countries and in different languages. Their web site is very consistent in design whether you go to France, Germany or Japan. The interface is the same which makes shopping while travelling international just as easy as shopping at home. Consistency aids in customers being comfortable wherever they may be shopping.

The site appears very organized in its layout for finding products and services. I don't visit the site normally but the color red in the title bar indicates to me that they are promoting the upcoming Christmas shopping season. Subliminal color coding. The site appears to be updated continually making it current which is very important to consumers using the site for finding the latest products and / or information. The purpose of the site in very clear and evident from its design. It sells books, household products, electronics, clothing and many related items.

Links to other companies for related products and services tells me that they are business friendly in the marketplace. The accuracy of the information is also presented well. There appear to be no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or misprints in its information presented which would take away some credibility from its business. Pictures are nicely laid out and bright. I find that the page is sophisticated enough for the broad range of consumers looking to buy these products. It's not tres chic nor is it bargain basement.

Customers want products that are easy to locate and buy as opposed to fancy, hard to navigate interface. The one thing I did not like was the enormous amount of blank space on the lower part of its homepage. It feels like they should have something there or that it was deleted by mistake. I don't understand why it is blank.