The H 2 O+ brand skin! Care product has been in existence since 1989 with over 130 retail outlets worldwide in 15 countries. 17 retail outlets in Hong Kong. ~H 2 O+ products originated from H 2 O Plus, L. P in the United States which was founded in 1989 when Ms. City Melk, is founder, began offering the market water-based and oil-free shin- care products under the brand name ~H 2 O+. ~H 2 O+ offers over 200 different skin-care and body care products with retail price ranging from HK$10 to HK$ 900 per product.

These products include facial care products, shampoo, lip and eye care products, shower gel, body lotion, body cream, body scrub, hand and nail cream, oil-controlling products, solar defence products and foot scrub to suit the different needs and skin types of customers. Estimate that over 90% of the customer are female and among these female customers more than 80% are between the ages of 18 and 45. Consumer of skin-care products are mostly female with the image and cost of the products purchased directly related to age and income. Young to middle aged women represent the target consumers for products priced in the middle range.

The environment in sells ~H 2 O+ products has been one of the key factors in success. Consideration has been given to store locations, design, layout and colour scheme and the services provided by the sales staff in these retail stores. At present, all of the ~H 2 O+! |s retail outlets are located in high pedestrian traffic shopping areas and commercial areas such as Causeway Bay, Tsimshatsui, Monk ok and Shat in... In addition, each of retail outlets is designed and decorated in accordance with the image and specification to give customers warm, modern, light and healthy environment to enjoy their selection of products. ~H 2 O+ strategic goals for the internet are to consolidate the relationship with existing customers and to strengthen its business through its traditional retailers. The objective of h 2 opl us.

com is not only to consolidate the relationship with exiting customer by providing up-to-date information about the brand, but also to serve as secondary channel for the convenience of customers who would like to purchase on-line. In addition the site provides door-to door delivery, the charge for which may be waived for purchases of products through the site over a certain monetary amount. The marketing strategy of ~H 2 O+ has been built around an image of clean, pure, healthy, fun which appeals to each of the senses. This strategy is developed through a comprehensive marketing and promotion strategy which comprises advertising, the use of and image girl, promotional discounts, VIP membership, roadshow, public relations events, sponsorship and the internet. ~H 2 O+ focuses its marketing efforts on promoting eh special quality of water-based products. Each of the ~H 2 O+ products is promoted with consistent packaging and advertising designed to enhance its image and differentiate it from other brands..