communication over the telephone they hardly ever know who their neighbours are, & meet friends only if granted appointment over telephone. Quite paradoxically, the telephone, an instrument that has made communication so much faster and so much more efficient, is causing lesser direct communication and therefore loneliness in mankind. A similar example is of the television. The television is informative, shows diverse areas of the world and by its widespread viewership has succeeded in shrinking the world in terms of mental distance. Sitting in the comfort of our houses- we can see the Russian taiga, Indian snake charmers, new Japanese technology and follow the American presidential elections all within button-clicks of each other.

But the very idea of living life inside our houses, getting to see so much of the world from within the confines of our couches is counterproductive- since our motivation to go out and meet other people is lessened. Again, an instrument that has made the world smaller has distanced us from fellow human beings. All these new inventions have revolutionise d our lives. But maybe we as human beings were not mentally prepared to face them. Human beings have a very basic need to feel togetherness with a similar being- to feel joy, ecstasy together; to be able to share bitterness, sorrow.

We depend on each other to understand and tackle our emotions and even to experience them better. The above examples i. e. the television and telephone are but poor substitutes for sharing and experiencing feelings with another human being. We as human beings have always welcomed technology and the comforts it brings with it, but maybe we did not delve into the pitfalls of modern technology.

As a result of this rapidly developing technology in every field today, most people have very full lives- full of dealing with and getting help from sophisticated machines. They have, in effect, to create extra time to meet each other. This is the choice we have made. Undoubtedly the resulting loneliness in our present civilization is the result of unquestioning usage and open-armed acceptance of all the new technological developments. Possibly, we could do better if we acknowledged the importance of technology in our lives but accepted our psychological need to meet and interact regularly with fellow humans at all walks of life.