Today's accounting in China is strikingly different from 30 years ago. In western countries, there appeared to have been relatively little interest in the accounting system used in China before the 1970 s (Zhou 1988). The language barrier and differences in culture may have contributed to... seems bound to experience setbacks. The history of the changing wealth of nations is the subject for a different speech by a different speaker.

But accounting has a part to play, an important part, because of its role in making markets work effectively. And this is very much the subject for this speech Accounting systems have been used for thousands of years. As businesses grew, people to keep track of costs, profits, and losses invented accounting systems. Modern accounting measures and communicates financial information about an economic entity. This information is used to plan, control... Accounting is a very popular and important job in our business society.

They do a lot more then just prepare financial statements and recording business transactions. Accounting falls in two main category! s public and private. My mother is a very hard working accountant and is the Vice President of... From the 1920! s the accountancy profession used rigidly 4 structured accounting systems that ceased to evolve and adapt over the years of rapid change and Development in the 60 years it took for a noticeable change in practices to... INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING STANDARD The overall objective of an International Accounting Standard is to contribute to the understanding of international standardization of financial accounting.

This standardization would result in an increased cross border comparability of financial accounting information.