Media Studies Media genres are highly standardised and repetitive in form discuss this statement using examples of at least one genre of your choice Genres to a certain extent are vastly standardized and repetitive this is clearly because audiences can recognise a particular kind of movie. There are four main categories of genres, Science Fiction, Romance, Horror and Thriller. The use of repetitive images in the form of motifs helps audiences distinguish a particular type of movie, for example if a movie is set in the future or based around aliens we can straight away direct our minds towards the Science Fiction genre because we have become mechanized through the repetition and standardised of images which incline us the audience to instant to certain expectations, we know as an audience that in the film 'The Matrix' we will not find no overt form of humour because we know it's a Science Fiction movie and as a audience we have established basic expectations of genres. The whole point for the classification of standardised and repetitive images in a genre is to help audiences have a sense of security because an audience comprises of individuals and so each member of audiences will have different feelings and opinions regarding certain things.

Some individuals prefer certain kinds of genres and other differ it is a matter of taste so similarly movies are adapted in order to cater the different tastes of the audiences, recognised images help t give a sense of security to audiences take for example the movie 'Toy Story' which is children's movie we can clearly say that they wont be any horror in the film, this is because of our understandings of genre.