I really enjoyed this movie, I found it to be very educational, inspirational and at the same time very sad. At first I wasn't quite sure what the movie was all about, I thought it was about music so I couldn't understand why we were watching it, and it was actually very slow moving in the beginning. Then after awhile I started to understand. I thought Richard Dreyfuss played an outstanding part.

He seemed to be very frustrated when he first started teaching then once he started teaching the kids something they enjoyed he started to be enjoying his job more. Then the baby was born (Cole) they were so happy until the day of the parade, the marching band was playing Glenn (Richard Dreyfuss) was in charge of it. Then a fire engine went by and it didn't even effect Cole. They found out the next day that Cole had a 90% hearing loss, they were told that there were schools available to treat him, the only problem was that sending him to a school to treat him was going to be financially difficult not only because Cole had to go, but his parents needed intensive classes that were for three months and three hours everyday. This was about the time that Glenn started to become even more into his career, and was very determined to complete his composition. I guess that was his way of not thinking about the loss of his son's hearing and that took his mind off of it.

During this time Cole started to get older he was basically neglected by his father even though he lived with him in the same house, he spent minimal time with him. I felt sorry for Cole because his father could barely even communicate with him. In the end Cole was older and he expressed his feelings to his father I just think it's sad, because it took Cole to get mad for his father to realize that sure he has a disability but that doesn't make him any less of a person, I really enjoyed the ending. I was just sad it took that long for Cole to be seen as a human being. I thought this movie was educational because it allowed us to understand some of the things people go through when they have children with disabilities. I think the most important thing I learned was even though people may have disabilities which might keep them from doing things, that doesn't mean that their life should change anymore then it has, and that you should always treat them just as you would somebody without a disability, because you never know when you could be faced with one.

The inspirational part was that it showed that you can do anything you want as long as you try, but that you have to be devoted and you have to love what you doing. The only hard thing and this movie is a perfect example, sometimes you hurt the people you love the most in the process.