October Sky had many ups and downs and change of emotions all throughout the many scenes of the movie. In the beginning Homer and his father didn't see things the same way and arguing made tension between the two worse. By the end Homer realized that he and his father weren't different at all, they were the same. Conflict perspective is where everybody is competing to achieve their goals and achieve high standards.

The part of October Sky that relates to this word is when Homer is convinced that the mine is not for him, so he set a goal for himself. Homer wanted to go into space. Building rockets was just a start. Symbolic interaction ism is people that refer to themselves by what they do, how they act, and what they wear. Quintin is basically a dork in the movie, not one person sat next to him at lunch.

In his mind it was set that he was this way and nobody could change it. He was called "weird" more than once in the movie and he knew and accepted that. Homer knew Quintin was very intelligent through the way he dressed and how he acted in class and out of class; this is why he went to Quintin instead of the library for help with his rocket building. Functionalist perspective is every part in society that must take part and work together to keep everything going. Homer had to make a decision to work in the mine after his father suffered a head wound. He dropped out of school and went to work so his family could have enough money to keep progressing.

Folkways are certain rules about everyday life that people automatically inherit. No matter how much homer's father angered him he always stuck to his norms and said "yes sir" or "no sir." He did what he knew was right in any given situation. Formal Sanctions are honorable mentions or dishonorable mentions. Either you have done something right or done something wrong you are rewarded accordingly. Homer was told not to mess with rockets many times by his father. One of homers rockets even made its way through the coal mine yard.

Not only did his father yell at him, he was also arrested for starting a fire. In the end Homer was proven innocent and his efforts to keep shooting off rockets led him to achieve the national scientific award which also finally caught his father's attention. Values are your own ideas of what should be right and worthy of respect. When Homers father was in the hospital, Homers brother decided to lose the scholarship he had won in order to work and support his family.

He believed this is what should be done in order to gain respect from his family. Although he did not end up working in the mine, Homer wanted him to continue high school and keep his scholarship. Homer then dropped out of school and worked to support the family. Looking Glass Self is our self identity based on what we think other people see in us. Miss Riley felt she needed to help the "untalented" kids. She helped homer with books and helped to encourage him to win the science fair.

Miss Riley saw a rocket scientist in homer and she knew one day he would accomplish his goals and her teaching will have paid off. Homer knew Miss Riley wouldn't give up on him, so he didn't give up on her. Rites of Passage are certain rituals that show the completion of one stage of life and the beginning of the next or adult stage of life. After working the mine for a few days, homers father returned home. It was brought up that homer could now return to school, but he didn't want to. His father stated "homer is not a boy anymore, he can decide for himself." This showed that homer had moved out of the early stage and was turning into an adult.

Resocialization is ending the past learned values that were appropriate, and take a new look on life and live a new lifestyle. Homers father had planned a life in the mine for Homer. Homer knew that the mine and the town was about to go down and he didn't want to be ordinary like the rest of the town. Homer wanted to be somebody that everyone could see. After fighting with his father the normal values to Homer didn't matter anymore. Homer just wanted his father to understand that his dreams of becoming somebody were real and he wasn't meant for the mine.

Ethno methodology is the routine that people play on basic trust while socially interacting. Homer and his father never get along until nearly the end of the movie. Homer is always wrong is his fathers eyes, but he simply doesn't want to be a miner like his father. After Homer returned from the national science fair his father asked Homer why he seen his hero and didn't know it.

Homer replied "He is a great scientist dad, but he's not my hero" (referring to his father as the real hero). Moral Entrepreneur is a person or group that makes offenses recognized and any offender recognized. Homer shot off a rocket on company property which stirred up a little conflict and also was suspected of starting a forest fire. He was recognized as the direct cause of both accidents, although he didn't actually start the fire. Social Stratification is the division of society in layers where there is an unequal access to opportunities and rewards, and unequal life chances. The rocket boys lived in a small town with not many resources basically just a school and a mine town.

They were limited on where to do their experiments. They definitely had a hard time trying to work their way into the county science fair. Other counties can have resources like libraries, or open fields close enough to home that could have given other students entering the science fair an unfair advantage. Peer Groups are groups of people that share similar characteristics. In the movie Homer didn't know what he wanted at first, but he knew he wasn't going to mine coal. Sputnik was his first experience that influenced him to get involved in sending things, like rockets, up.

The only person he knew that could tell him about these rockets was Quintin. As Homer and Quintin talked together sharing characteristics their knowledge of rockets and the work of science became like one. Prejudice is an unfavorable opinion of a group of people that are members of a social group. There were 3 groups of people that didn't believe in Homers rocket science.

Homers father, brother, and the principal of his school. They all prejudge Homer to be a normal high schooler that will soon graduate and work the in the coal mine. Their opinion was wrong. Homer gained the support of all 3 in the end.