Schindler's List Movie Review The movie Schindler's List is based on a true story. The setting takes place during World War II (1939-1945). The movie is based on the lives of the Jewish people during this time. The main character in the movie is a man by the name of Oskar Schindler. Oskar Schindler is a very sophisticated business man and member of the Nazi Party. The movie is based on the life and times of Oskar Schindler during the Holocaust.

Schindler's List is directed and produced by Steven Spielberg. Although this movie is quite new, it still was produced in black and white. I think that Steven Spielberg created this movie in black and white to set a mood for the reviewer. The lives of Jewish people during the world war were dark and gloomy, much like the coloring of this film. The film does although have some color to it for significant reasons. Steven Spielberg is also of the Jewish religion and wanted to create a movie that is deep and true to meaning.

The intended audience for this feature film is in my perspective, young adults. This film is intended to be a viewed as a learning tool or reference to the holocaust. It is not made for entertainment purposes. The movie is classified as a drama, but could easily be a documentary type project.

The characters in the movie are very convincing and true to life. Oskar Schindler is romanticized in the way of how he acts. Oskar Schindler is a great man who helps out the Jewish people in their fight for survival. He uses his fortune and wealth to his advantage throughout the movie. Many of the characters are very realistic and believable. I envy the thought behind the characters and the talent of the actors in the movie.

The characters costumes are very well done and add to the overall effectiveness of the movie. Each character plays a different role in the movie. The special effects in the movie are unbelievable in the sense of the concentration camps. The thought and work behind the effects of the movie are immense. One famous scene that shows just how good the special effects really are is when the Germans are burning bodies. The scene is a realistic event and sends chills down the spectators spine.

My personal thought of the movie is that it was realistic and convincing. Every aspect of the movie was believable and accurate. I thought that the story was a bit advanced for a younger audience. The story line was quite hard to understand at first, much like the holocaust. The movie gives you a good idea on how devastating it was for the Jewish people during the holocaust.

The realism of the movie convinced me to realize how lucky we really are. The Jewish people went through hard times of survival and existence. The movie shows how some of the Jewish people survived by hiding and trying to escape from the German soldiers. It showed how the concentration camps worked and what they did with the bodies.

Many people died during the holocaust. Steven Spielberg does a magnificent job in creating and directing Schindler's List. In conclusion, I think that everyone should see the movie for educational and entertainment purposes. You won't be disappointed..