Steven Spielberg in my eyes, is the most successful filmmaker of all time. He has accomplished the difficult mission of combining popular storytelling and creativity with the cruel limitations of the world of business. I am almost positive that everyone is aware of Spielberg and his many hit motion pictures which include Jaws, E. T. , Jurassic Park, and the Indiana Jones trilogy, to name a few.

The film I observed, directed by the mastermind Steven Spielberg, was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The film was the third of three Indiana Jones movies. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg fulfilled the "gentleman's agreement " by starting Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. To shoot this movie, meant to postpone Rain Man, a film he had been planning for years with actors Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Spielberg quoted that he had a promise with Lucas, "With great regret, because I really wanted to work with Dustin and Tom, I stepped down from that movie." I watched all three Indy films, and the first two had Jewish and Hindu treasures. In The Last Crusade, a sacred Christian treasure was shown: the Holy Grail, the cup that Jesus is said to have used at the Last Supper.

The story also involved Indiana Jones' longing to find reconciliation with his withdrawn father. Spielberg said, "I wanted to do Indy in the pursuit of his father, sharing his father's dream, and in the course of searching for their dreams, they rediscover each other." Spielberg was greatly intrigued by the idea of the reconciliation of father and son, yearning as always to come to terms with unfinished issues about his own father, Arnold. Spielberg had just turned 40, and his marriage to Amy Irving had disappeared into a painful and publicized separation. He looked for creative projects that would help him deal with the emotionally difficult situations in his life.

Doing a movie about a father-son relationship seemed appropriate at the time. The movie begins in 1912 in Utah with Indy as a young Boy Scout played by River Phoenix. During a camping excursion, the boy Indy comes across villains who are stealing the legendary Cross of Coronado. He tears it from them and escapes, but they find him and recapture the treasure. The year then cuts into 1938, when the adult Indy regains the cross again and has it put safely in a museum. His next adventure is the search for the Holy Grail (the cup said to have held Christ's blood after his crucifixion and supposed to have miraculous powers).

Jones' father, who is already close to finding the Grail, has been captured by the Nazis, and Jones struggles to rescue him. Indiana Jones is again played by Harrison Ford. The role of Indiana Jones' father was played by Sean Connery, the original James Bond. It was a great touch because the Indiana Jones series were created to honor and outdo Bond.

Connery claimed, "Aside from the fact that Indiana Jones is not as well-dressed as James Bond, the main difference between them is [that] Indiana deals with women shyly." Critics felt that Last Crusade was great entertainment, like the first Indiana Jones movie, that stayed away from racist overtones and violence of the second installment. Audiences agreed. After its opening in May 1989, Last Crusade earned $494. 7 million worldwide.

Spielberg's biggest hit since E. T. When filming for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was finished, Steven Spielberg felt sad about completing the decade long project with George Lucas and the crew, believing he had seen the end of an era. No matter how much he felt the Indiana Jones films were entertaining and moneymaking projects, he still enjoyed the good times filming them, and developing a closeness with the people he had worked with.

Newsweek's David An sen agreed with Spielberg, "This thrice-told tale gives you your money's worth. Now it's time to hang up the bullwhip and move on." Steven Spielberg has balanced his personal life as well as in his art of film making. Fans of movies around the world hope that in the future, he continues to make movies inspired by his vivid imagination. Spielberg gives moviegoers a sense that there is always hope in the world. He himself said about his love for creating films comes from, "wanting to make people happy from the beginning of [his] life.".