Planet of the Apes Planet of the Apes, written by Pierre Boule was one of the greatest novels ever written in science fiction. The movie, which was directed by Tim Burton, depicted the same elements as the book. The novel and the movie both portrays aspects of ape civilizations where the apes were dominant and inhumane treatment of their slaves who were humans. The movie forces humanity to look at the prejudices, biases, and hatred that have lurked within the apes in the movie and the humans in societies today.

Planet of the Apes is a movie that portrays many similarities between humans in today's society and apes in the movie. Firstly, Planet of the Apes deals with religious worship. In the movie, the apes worshipped a God named S emos who was renowned for freeing all apes and making humans their slaves. Comparing this relationship to the types of religious worship in societies today can be similar to the movie because like the apes, most humans worship some form of deity, whether that deity is Jesus Christ, or some other form of God. Also, in Planet of the Apes, the General ape Thade symbolized a god that freed the apes and saved the planet of the apes in the later part of the movie.

Secondly, Planet of the Apes depicts inhumane treatment that some humans undergo in today's society. For example, all of the bad treatments that the humans receive while held hostage on the planet of the apes were heinous. In the movie, the humans were beaten, caged, separated from their families, oppressed and killed. This can be related to the persecution of certain people in today's society because of their appearance, beliefs, and status.

The apes enslaved humans in Planet of the Apes because of the dominance that the humans once had upon the apes. Thirdly, this movie displays a historical perspective, because the apes did not want the humans to travel to Ca lima and discover the true history, which was that humans were dominant and in control. Thade father tried to deter the intensions of the humans traveling to their destination. This can be related to people in today's society because of the struggles that some have to go through in order to find out about their heritage and background. Also, Planet of the Apes can be seen as a historical perspective for all Americans.

In many ways, General Thade can be compared to President Abraham Lincoln because Lincoln was known for being righteous and freeing African American slaves. In Planet of the Apes, Thade is lauded for being righteous and freeing the apes from the humans in the later part of the movie. In summation, the plot of Planet of the Apes reveals similarities of people in today's society. The apes portrayed all of the negative things that the people do in society today. That is way the author gave the apes so many human characteristics. The humans were innocent in a world of corruption plotted by the apes and suffered terribly.

As a result, the movie showed viewers the similarities between the ape's actions and the actions of people in today's society.