bloods stand up and this is my favorite song so sing along as the dj throws it on if i live here tonight and i fall asleep and wake up hopefully she got some teeth. My best friend Steven Cotton is caught smoking in the 7-eleven by the lapd, and, due to the three strikes law, he is executed. Before the execution, he swears revenge on Mr. Bell, Bill Leeka, and Aminifu-the people who witnessed his crime. Shortly after he dies, Steven's body is sent to the hospital where his organs are distributed to worthy donors. Stecven's hair is transplanted onto duboom head.

In the middle of the night, Duboom's wakes up and kills Mr. Bell, his body under the influence of Steven's hair. Duboom goes onto kill Leeka as well. Finally, when he tries to kill Aminifu, Duboom regains control of himself and rips of Aminifu's head. Just as the hair starts attacking Duboom, the police bust in and kill the evil crap.

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