web > The Virtual Tour of the Conspiracy Trial of the Chicago Seven begins w/ an overview of the crime: the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968. web > This is a fairly extensive description of the trial by a law professor: web > This is a chronology of the events leading up to these riots and the effects it had years later. web > South Kinston High School along w/ Brown university create an excellent website on the event call "The Whole World is Watching." It has essays, interviews and reference materials. web > Straight from the files of the FBI COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) comes this memorandum dated: 5/14/68: "Disruption of the New Left" web > Personal Experiences Terry Southern's "Esquire Magazine" article web > Photographer for "Esquire Magazine" web > Short overviews of the trial and riots: History Channel's site has a number of related sites that give brief view of each person & organization involved w/ the trial & riots.

Go to the site & then look the following sites for more info. web > Daley, Richard Elections: 1968 Hoffman, Abbie New Left Students for a Democratic Society This is a report submitted by Daniel Walker, director of the Chicago Study Team, to the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence web > Revisiting the Trial in 30 years later newspaper articles: web > web > web > The cast of characters: The Defendants: Group Photo: Chicago Seven web > web > Abbie Hoffman biography: web > web > Photos: web > Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin in judicial robes during the trial: web > Hoffman, Dellinger, & Seale 20 yrs later web > Jerry Rubin biography: web > Photo: Jerry Rubin w/ pig: web > John Froines biography: web > Photo of John Froines Tom Hayden: web > David Dellinger biography: web > Rennie Davis biography: web > Photo: Rennie Davis unconscious: web > Tom Hayden biography web > Hayden A Demo Delegate in Chicago in 1996: web > Lee Weiner web > Bobby Seale biography: web > web > Homepage: web > Photo: Hoffman, Dellinger, & Seale 20 yrs later web > The Defense: William Kunstler: web > Leonard Wein glass: web > The Prosecutors: Richard Schultz: : web > Thomas Foran: web > The Judge Julius Hoffman: web > The Mayor: Richard Daley web > Photos Album: Site with 16 photos: web > Cast of characters: Chicago Seven: web > web > The Trial The Indictment: web > Transcripts from the trial: web > Prosecution Witnesses Irwin Bock web > Robert Murray, police sergeant: web > Frank Reggio, police detective: web > Dwayne Oklepek, reporter: web > Robert Pierson: web > William Fra polly, undercover investigator: web > Defense Witnesses: Judy Collins web > Country Joe McDonald: web > Sarah Diamant, teaching fellow: web > Richard Daley: web > Allen Ginsberg web > Dick Gregory, comedian: web > Arlo Guthrie web > Jesse Jackson, minister (Abernathy incident): web > Timothy Leary: web > Norman Mailer: web > Linda Morse, peace activist: web > Phil Ochs: web > Ed Sanders, festival publicist: web > Bobby Seale: web > Cora Weiss, co-chair of New Mobilization Committee: web > Prosecution Rebuttal Witnesses: James Riordan, deputy chief of police ("barnyard epithet" incident): web > Barbara Lawyer, cocktail waitress (judicial robes incident): web > Summations: Defense Summation: William Kuntsler: web > Prosecution Summation: Thomas Foran: web > Verdict: web > Sentencing: web > Audio clips of the trial: web > Appellate Decisions: web > Reversing convictions: web > Reversing contempt charges: web > Yippie posters: web > Trial: web > Glossary for the year of 1968 web > Bibliography: web > Review of The Chicago Conspiracy Trial by John Schultz's (revised and updated version) web > Chicago Public Library Historical Information: This has a few brief paragraphs describing of the riots and 10 sources web > Excellent site for references & related sites: web > Reunion by Tom Hayden, NY: Random House, 1988.