Counterfeit products cause many problems on consumers, which are mainly loss of money and endangerment to the health, and even life. In China, counterfeit products have caused lots of money loss on consumers. Consumers spend lots of time and of cause, money in their buying. However, they do not have any idea whether the products they buy are counterfeit product or not.

At this time, they buy their goods at the price of genuine products, but they probably get counterfeit products. As we know, counterfeit products do not worth that price. Thus, the consumers do lose their money. On the other hand, some consumers buy those fakes at lower prices. And they may think that they do not lose any many at this time. However, the fakes they buy at this situation are definitely of very low quality, and they also do not worth that money.

Thus, the consumers do lose money. And the money is not little. This can be well proved by the statistics from the China Consumer Association (CCA). In Anhui, Fujian, Shandong, Guizhou, and Yunnan provinces, the CCA accepted sixty-one serious cases about counterfeit products in the first season of 1995.

The cases involved a total property loss of nearly 3 millions RMB of consumers. Another example is the case of! ^0 Lishui Counterfeiting Chemical Fertilizer! +/- in 1993, which was released by the State Agriculture Bureau. In Lishui, a small county in Zhejiang province, the year 1993 is a disastrous year for the local farmers. The chemical fertilizer they bought from the Lishui Multi-elements Chemical Fertilizer Plant was counterfeiting fertilizer. It killed ten thousand orange plants and damaged more than fourteen thousands, causing a two million RMB loss of the local 276 orange farms. Also, there are many other examples in our daily life.

Purses sold for $150-$200 at house parties are usually nothing but shoddy $10-$15 purses bearing a counterfeit trademark of a quality manufacturer. Dooney $ Bourke, a famous purse manufacturer, receives an average of sixty counterfeit purses each week from persons requesting warranty repairs. However, those requests will not be accepted because the purses are counterfeits. Thus, the consumers do lose money. Indeed, counterfeit products have caused lots of money loss up till now. Not to mention about it in the future.

Moreover, counterfeit products, especially counterfeit food and medicines, are detrimental to health. Almost everyday we can see news from somewhere saying that such and such counterfeit product causes so and so casualties. Some are even disasters. For example, in 1992, Hunan province was seriously flooded.

This itself was a big disaster for the people. However, to make things more disastrous, 70 percent of the medicines in the local hospitals were counterfeits. Suppose a man who was injured in the flood was sent to hospital. Probably he would be treated with those fake medicines. How we can imagine his situation would become! It would absolutely be another disaster for him. If this is not enough, there is another example.

In 1992 to 1993, Bai Wus hong, a peasant from Anhui province, sold plenty of counterfeit medicines in Shandong, Henan and Sichuan provinces. What is the result we can think of? Many were damaged both physically and mentally. From these examples, it is obvious that counterfeit products are detrimental consumers! health. Furthermore, counterfeit products often endanger consumers! lives. There are many examples of this. The first one is that, in Beijing, a 13-year old girl was shocked to death by a bad quality electric heated blanket which bears a counterfeit trademark of a famous company.

Another example was in Shenyang city. Three men were poisoned to death when they were having a bath. The reasons their deaths were exactly the same, which is due to fake water heaters. And, a famous Chinese dancer, Tao Jin, was a victim of counterfeit products. He died from taking fake medicines which lead him to his immediate dead. As our research goes on, we investigated hundreds of other examples.

All of the examples lead to one conclusion: counterfeit products do make consumers! lives being endangered.