Dreams and Dreaming People use dreams to live through the crass mishaps of life. But, dreams need be attainable within boundaries of ones ego. In the play, Death Of A Salesman, and Raisin In The Sun, characters extend their egos into super egos; therefore, the dream becomes unattainable. People often use dreams as a basis for their lives. Dreams between Willy Loman, of the Salesman, and Walter Lee Younger, of The Raisin are very similar. Their dreams prove to be far from an average person.

They dont want to have the American dream of comfort, and middle class life. In, addition, their egos grow to super egos. Willy, dreamed of becoming like Dave Singleman. He was rich, famous, and a cunning salesman. Walter was very similar. He dreamed of being like the rich people he chauffeured for.

Their dreams, and egos turn into greed. Both men although differ in social class, have their own greed. Willy, illusions himself as another Singleman. He wanted the world to know who he was. But, he went no where in the illusion he lived in.

This greed later turned in obsession, which lead to his death. Being, himself wasnt enough, he had to be more. Walter, turned to greed because of his poverty. His obsession with money made him vulgar, and mean to his family. He started to drink a lot too.

He cheated his own mother, when he got the money she gave him. He spent it all on himself, instead of investing some to Beneath as education. But, he learned from his mistake when one of his friends skip town with the money. He learned dreams can be accomplished only one step at a time. Mr. Loman never awaking from his illusion world, remained a bitter man until his death.

The break down of the two men wasnt greed alone. Their dreams were to large for them to attain. They didnt adjust to their dreams. Usually, people act upon their dreams, by working, or changing their lives internally. But, Mr. Loman thought he wa larger than life.

So, his dreams never became a reality because he never adjusted accordingly. The lack of a satisfaction of past achievements werent enough. As a result, nothing motivated him to act on his dream. With Walter, working wasnt enough for him. His self pity became his worst enemy. He let poverty over come self pride, and worth.

Therefore, he went the opposite direction of his dream. But, unlike the men in the two plays. The women were different from each other. Mama Loman was a weak character.

She wasnt strong in issues concerning her children. Willy, often would be in control of problems. When Biff stole a football from the locker room, Mrs. Loman raised some dissatisfaction. But, Mr. Loman made her succumb to Biff explanation.

Her lack of attention to problems show also her lack of discipline. Mrs. Loman, like Willy was living a illusion, which her children never benefited from. She had no dreams for her children or herself.

Living in the illusion, she wasnt conscious of the families problems, and the degree of them. On the other hand, Mama Younger, was strong, courageous, and religious mother. She had a dream for her children. She wanted the American dream. Where, they could live comfortably, and not worry about payments.

Her strong senses made the family unite through hard, and tough times. She had learned from the past that dreams are lived through self respect, and pride. When Walter Lee shared his greedy dreams with the family, Mama protested. She had to put her foot down on his problems. She also, warned Beneath a of her greed. Mama was the main reason the family stepped out of poverty.

She, saved some money from the insurance settlement, and paid for a new home. This prove she was conscious of her family. Her dream was to move out of the small apartment, and into a middle class home. Through her courage, and focus her family accomplished the dream.

Mrs. Loman didnt possess the courage, and persevere to helped her family though problems. Dreams, differ in social classes. The Youngers struggled through poverty, and low self esteem.

Their dream was to live like all Americans want to live. The dream of a steady, comfortable life in the suburbs. This dream is attainable in a democracy. The Youngers proved hard work, and strong family union can move one toward a better future. They wanted what the Lomans had a middle class life. The Lomans had many luxuries that many families at the time didnt have in the 1950 s.

A frig erator, vacuum cleaner, cars, and good education, just to name a few. But, their dreams were outlandish in terms of attainment. Mr. Loman wanted to be the next Bill Gates over night. As a result, he faced the fact that middle class life was steady. The Lomans took things for granted.

Nothing became satisfactory. But, today, America goes through the same problem of the poor, and middle class. What unites them though is that both classes have dreams of one day breaking out, and becoming above their original status. But, as one sees how families attain their dreams, it all comes down to a strong family union, and the backbone of a family, a mom. People often use dreams as a basis for their lives.

But, these dreams can become distorted, when greed, super egos and obsession takes over. Therefore, dreams fall far out of reality, and into quarrel in the families. It was once said that, the best dream of all is clarity. Because it allows one to see ones destiny without illusion.