The great sphinx of Egypt The Great Sphinx of Egypt is a really interesting sphinx. In my opinion it is the most interesting sphinx in all of Egypt. This report will give you tons of information about sphinxes' but specifically on the Great Sphinx of Egypt. Many people automatically think on the Great Sphinx of Egypt when you mention the word sphinx. There are many other sphinxes though.

In fact there are so many that they categorized them by type. One is the crisophinx, which has a lion body with a ram head. Another is the hieracosphinx, which has a lion body with a hawk head. The last type is the androsphinx. The Great Sphinx belongs to the androsphinx group.

The sphinx's is thought to be that of pharaoh Khafre. Although recent studies show that it has more resemblance to Khafre's older brother Djedefre. There are many mystical connections to the Great Sphinx. They believe that they began in the 1940's.

Some people believe there are mystical hidden chambers in the base of the Great Sphinx. It took many people to build this enormous sphinx. They built it by taking large blocks of limestone and stacking them one by one on top of each other all by hand. We would use machines to do this kind of work in modern times. The Great Sphinx of Egypt is 241 feet long and 65 feet high! That is almost as long as a football field. Four people's arms stretched can barely fit across one paw of this enormous sphinx.

The Great Sphinx dates about 2500 BC That is about the same time pharaoh Khafre's pyramid was built. The Great Sphinx of Egypt is 4, 500 years old! There are still many wonders about the sphinx mystically and otherwise. Some of these mysteries will be solved and some will remain as they are. Katie Usa sz.