Sean Maker 5/13/999 th Honors History Period 1 World War 1 World War 1 was called "The Great War", "The war to end all wars", and "The first modern war." It had many causes and a few repercussions and I will describe them in detail. The most widely known reason for the start of World War 1 was the assassination of the Arch Duke Ferdinad of Austria-Hungary in the Serbian capital of Sarajevo. The ArchDuke was there to talk to the Serbian leaders about peace in the Balkan Peninsula. After a Serbian was arrested for the assassination Austria-Hungary pulled out of the peace talks and declared war on Serbia. Germany who was allied with Austria-Hungary also declared war on Serbia. Russia who was allied with Serbia had to declare war on Germany and Austria-Hungary.

When Germany invaded France and Belgium, Great Britain declared war on Germany. World War 1 had begun. As the German Chancellor, Bethmann-Hollweg said, "Once the dice are cast nothing can stop them." Indeed once the dice were cast on World War 1 nothing stopped them until 22 million people had died. Besides the assassination of the archduke there were four other reasons for the start of WWI. 1. Militarism- the building of large armies.

All the nations in Europe at that time were engaged in what today could only be called an arms race. As soon as one nation built a new weapon, all the others followed suit. 2. Alliance System- The building of alliances to strengthen the borders of a country.

In theses alliances if one country went to war all the other countries in the alliance were forced to go to war also. 3. Imperialism- The practice of colonizing other lands by large European nations. 4.

Nationalism- The feeling of Patriotism in a country that makes it compete with all other counties in the area in all areas. In my opinion WWI was an unnecessary global conflict in which 22 million people needlessly lost their lives. I think that this conflict could have be prevented or stopped in 2 ways. One if the Serbian leaders had more closely guarded the car that carried Archduke Ferdinad. If the assassin had not been able to get near the car perhaps the First World War could have been prevented completely. The Archduke would have hammered out a peace treaty and the whole conflict could have been prevented.

The second way WWI could have been stopped is if the Germans could have been persuaded not to join Austria-Hungary in their war against Serbia. If this had been done Russia and Serbia, in my opinion, would have crushed the Austrian-Hungarian Govt. bringing an end to the First World War before it even began. This is my opinion and I have stated facts to back it up and I hope you see my point..