A heroine is a woman of distinguished courage or ability. She is admired for brave deeds and noble qualities. Joan of Arc was all this and more. Joan of Arc, also know as the Maid of Orleans, was born into a poverty stricken family in Dom remy, France, January 6 th, 1412 (The last 1/4 of the hundred years war). Joan was robust and was a cheerful person. Her dark brown hair surrounded her ladylike face.

She rarely spoke but when she did she had a sweet sounding voice. Joan never learned to read or write. Joan of Arc was like all other girls until age 13, when she heard, for the first time, celestial voices of St. Michael, St. Catherine of Alexandria, and St. Margaret.

Some were accompanied by visions. Joan of Arc was still hearing these voices at age 17. Each time the voices became stronger and stronger, until at last the voice of God spoke to her telling her to go help Dauphin (later know as Charles VII, King of France) who had been kept from the throne during the Hundred Years War by the English. Joan succeeded in convincing Dauphin that she had a divine mission to save France.

Dressed in a suit of armor (as were all the MEN) and carrying a white flag that represented God's blessing over the France royal emblem, Joan's job was to provide a boost in the morale of the French Troops. She led France to victory after victory over the English Troops who were quickly losing ground to the French. Joan had tipped the scales in favor of France.