a) The Proclamation of 1763 did not let people settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. It also made fur traders to obtain the king's permission to enter the territory. The Stamp Act put taxes on any printed material such as newspapers, advertisements, playing cards, and legal documents. This act angered the colonists. This act was passed without the colonists' approval. The Duty taxed foreign sugar, molasses, and several other items going into the colonies.

The Intolerable Acts closed the port of Boston until the colonists paid for the destroyed tea, and then it didn't let the Massachusetts colonists to hold town meetings. It also allowed royal officials charged with crime to be tried in England. Last thing was that it was to provide food and shelter, in private homes if necessary, for British solders stationed in the colonies. b) The French and Indian War cause conflict between the colonists and the British because the colonists rejected the Albany Plan of Union because they fear that Britain will have too much power and that would raise taxes. c) The colonists disliked the Sugar and Stamp Acts very much. The colonists reacted to the Sugar and Stamp Acts by tarring the tax collectors and feathering them.

d) Dear Father, I have just found out that Britain has taxed one of my favorite beverages, which is tea. I have informed my fellow workers and they were outraged by it. I hope that they take this tax off soon before we rebel against it. They have already tired to tax us before on stamps but now on tea? ! ? ! I don't think so. I will get my fellow tea lovers and raid a ship full of tea when it comes.

We will tar the tax collector and feather him. That should teach him a lesson on taxing our tea. It will also show Britain that we are outraged by this! asdasdadsad.