Po haku Kappa Social Studies B-6 Mr. O'Day 091402 Hammer Headia The continent of Hammer Headia is located on the equator and the prime meridian. Hammer Headia is a small continent, with five main cities. Each city is located near a water source, but has a different source of food.

The paragraphs that will follow demonstrate how each city is connected to geography. Head City is located along the coast, right next to the ocean and Split Head Canal. The ocean is a source of food like fish, and can be used as a type of transportation. The Canal can be used for transporting goods like food and other products to other cities around the continent.

Throat City is located next to a delta, along the coast. Throat City uses the delta for its fresh water source and food. Throat City is also located next to Shark Throat Plains, where they can grow farms using the delta as a watering system. The Plains is also a great place to build homes. The coast is a good source for marine foods like fish. Heart City is a surrounded by useful sources.

The mountains can be used for finding fruits. Shark Heart Basin and the stream can be used for food, and a watering system for farming, and transportation to Belly City. The coast is a source for fish and transportation to other cities. Not located near the coast, Belly City is a farming city. It uses Shark Heart Basin as its irrigation system to keep its land moist.

Using the river leading to Shark Gulf, Belly City can transport some of its crops to other cities. Belly City can also get food from the Basin and river, but mainly relies on its farming. Belofin City is a very quiet, low populated city. Located near the bottom of Hammer Headia, this city is secluded from the rest of the cities behind Shark Scar Plateau. Their religion was not very popular in the other cities, so they moved to Belofin Valley.

They use the Belofin Bay as there source of food, and Belly Basin as there source of fresh water. Belofin Valley is a small farmland, always kept moist by the rain and a little stream connected to Belly Basin. Hammer Headia and its five cities, Head City, Throat City, Heart City, Belly City and Belofin City, are connected to geography, from the water source, to the coast, from the coast to the Ocean. Hammer Headia supports the settlers today, as it supported the settlers 5, 000 years ago.