The conflict between Great Britian and the North American colonies started out economic but ended up being political. In the beginning the British equaled about five hundred thousand pounds, where as the colonies exports were around forty thousand pounds. There was no way for the colonies to give the British their money without cheating the government. So this showed how the conflict was economic. Then the stamp act, townsend act, tea act, and coersive acts show how the conflict turned political. The Stamp Act was mainly political because the British wanted money from the debts of war, then the townsend acts started to have control.

Not only were they taxes, but it was on goods that the colonists had to buy and they didn't have the money to do this. Plus that is taxation without representation and a double tax on the colonists. Then comes the tea cat where it was strictly political and the colonists rebelled in a political way. Finally the coersive acts were only to control the colonists and proved to the colonists that they wanted to rebel.

So as time progressed the changing of the acts from being based on tax to being based on control showed how the confi lct changed form being economic to political. The townsend Acts were deliberately showing th change because of having taxes on goods that the colonists had to buy. This was mainly for control, but the British also wanted the money, so as the Tea act came as well as the coersive acts, the outcome of the conflict proved to be political.