In 1939, the world entered one of its darkest periods when World War II began. In 1942, American troops officially entered the conflict. Although the war was fought abroad, it had a great impact on the American home front. Woman experienced permanent changes in their lives. People across the country felt a great sense of nationalism as well as a fear of foreigners. World War II had lasting effects on many aspects of American Life.

There are four ways that World War II affected American life at home. One of the ways it affected life at home, were when woman started getting jobs and getting a chance to do what men do. When men got called to war, woman also got called, to handle the jobs men handled. They permanently changed from that point on and realized that they could do anything they want if they just put their mind to it.

In document 1 there is an example of this. It shows a woman that is looking strong and bold with the words, "We can do it." There was another way World War II affected American life at home. There was wartime rationing. Which was when, items were limited to its citizens in order to provide for the soldiers fighting in the war. According to Document 2, one item rationed was Gasoline. There were many other items rationed such as coffee, and rice.

This may have caused Americans citizens to be famished for short periods of time, changing their regular way of life at home. In document 4, they showed another way World War II affected life at home. Since the ration, got bigger. People had to start saving food and they also had to start producing it. In the picture shown in document 4, it demonstrated a mother and a daughter growing their own vegetation's and other foods. Then canning them to save the produce for the winter.

This encouraged people because it was helping their country win the war and at the same time it was helping them. Finally the Internment camp had an effect on American life at home. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, Japanese Americans lives were changed. In document 5 it tells you how they were put in a camp, where they could not escape. Americans also feared that Japanese Americans might have been thinking of doing something corrupted. In conclusion the war affected American life at home, in positive ways and negative ways.

It gave woman a new chance to try different things, while most of the men were at war. The negative effect was that it also took people to a point where they feared a certain race. Overall there are many other ways life might have been affected during World War II.