no text avail Raisin in the Sunw as written a few years before the advent of the Civil Right Movement. Do you know anything about the Civil Rights Movement? You have probably heard about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. There is a lot more to the Movement than Rosa Parks. I'll give a very brief description of the Movement, but you might want to click here to read some more about it.

Understanding the civil rights movement will help you better understand the characters in A Raisin in the Sun. The objective of the civil rights movement was simple: to obtain civil rights for African Americans. Civil rights is defined as a person's right to be a fully participating member of the government of his / her country, and also to be granted the full protection of the law. Right up to the 1960 s, African Americans were not considered full citizens of the USA, and thus they could not vote.

(Do you know of any groups in your own country who are not allowed to vote? Or who were not allowed to vote in the past? ) African Americans could not be guaranteed full rights under the law, and were subject to all forms of discrimination. The worst form of this discrimination was the segregation laws, also known as Jim Crow, which ensured that Blacks could not use the same facilities as Whites. Thus, if you were to visit the US in the 1950 s, and you were to go to a restaurant, you would see a sign saying "Whites Only." You wouldn't see Black and White students together at the same school. Members of the Civil Rights Movement wanted all these laws repealed. Read more about segregation laws here Quelle: web.