There are many similarities and differences between Gene and Finny. They are the two main characters in the book "A Seperate Peace." Finny and Gene are supposedly "best friends." They go to Devon. Devon is the high school, that they went to in the 1940's. Gene and Finny are both very athletic students, but Finny is a lot better at sports, and is much more athletic.

Gene is trying to be Val Victorian of his class, so he is really intelligent. Finny, to tell you the truth is pretty stupid, really dumb. All he has going for him is sports. Gene is a selfish little brat. All he thinks about is being better at things than Finny.

Finny isn't selfish at all, in fact Gene thinks that Finny just wants to be better than everyone else, and he realizes that Finny doesn't. Finny told Gene to study, so he can get good grades. Finny really doesn't care about being number one at everything, he just happens to be better than everyone else a lot of the time. When Gene and Finny go to the beach, it shows a lot of the differences between Gene and Finny. When Gene was riding a wave into the shore, he got hurt, and quit. Finny just kept going on and on, for a while.

When they woke up, Finny even went out to swim when it was time to leave. There are also some similarities between Gene and Finny, but not too many. Both Gene and Finny are athletic. They both try, and do pretty well.

They aren't really worked about the war. They don't really know what is happening. One interesting thing is that when Finny broke his leg, Gene is Finny. He felt powerful. There are many similarities and differences between Gene and Finny. The book they are in is all about growing up in the war, looking into the eyes of being sixteen and having to do all the things you wanted to do before going to war.

It is the last chance they have to be kids.