Writing The writing process can be viewed in a variety of different ways, depending upon what angle each and every reader chooses to take. Writing can be one of the most beautiful things that one has ever seen, or writing can hurt to look at. Some everyday things that can be used to describe writing are washing clothes, playing cards, and playing hide and seek. Writing is a lot like washing clothes in many different ways. While writing, a certain amount of particular types of words or sentences must be used to create particular environments for the reader. If words are mixed together that don't belong together, the writer could cause this technique to fade into the minds of unsuspecting readers as an acceptable technique for writing.

Too much or too little of certain techniques may cause the writing to break down, just like a washing machine would break down after too many times with too much or too little laundry. If writing using just the right amounts of sensory details and sentence structure, the writing process will all come out clean and pure in the end. Writing is a lot like playing cards. Like playing cards, many different styles of writing may be used to obtain an optimum result. Depending on the outcome the author wishes to achieve, he may free write, write poetry, or even write using an essay style. In the game of cards each player wants to win, just like in the game of writing the writer wants to win over readers.

Writing requires much thought and concentration with each and every added part. Writing may be simply to entertain the reader, as a game of "go fish," or writing may be to fight for a cause and win supporters, like a game of poker is for winning. Writing is a lot like the game of hide and seek. Writers are sometimes "hidden" with their works and never discovered by a "seeker." For example, Shakespeare wrote some of the most beautiful pieces of writing ever, but in his day and time he was not discovered by any "seekers." Also, to succeed in writing one must not use the everyday clich " es but must be inventive if he wants to attract readers, just as a hider must find new and more creative places to hide every time in order to remain a hider. A writer must use every trick he knows in order to eventually reach the "base" and have a complete work. As you can see, the writing process is very versatile.

Different writers all have different ways of formulating their writing. Some writers spend amazing amounts of time making sure their writing is just like they want it to be. Others write for entertainment or just because they have nothing better to do. There are writers all over that are hidden from everyone and are waiting for someone to come along and check out their works.

Writing will always be used to demonstrate everything we know and will never cease to exist.