THE ARGUMENTS FOR SCHOOL UNIFORM School uniform is used for many different reasons. There are many points I make in this article why school uniform has been enforced over many parts of the UK, also points why a percentage of the children of the UK don't like school uniform. Many schools not only in the UK, but also all over the world use school uniform. No matter what students where there are other ways to pass judgement on other students, here are just some of the judgements that can be made: o Hair Style o Hair Colour o Height o Weight o Religion Etc. Uniforms save families money and children wont nag their parents to buy the best designer clothes for them e.

g. FCUK, Nickels on, Nike etc. Some families are better off than others so some children may only be able to wear a certain amount of clothes for the week. In third world countries they all wear the same because they are not as fortunate as some of us living in the UK. Some designer brand names go out of fashion very quickly, so as soon as your friend says 'that stuff is out of fashion now get the fashionable gear or you " re out of the group.' Many students face that debate all the time at schools everywhere. If I were stuck in a position like this I would just say to them 'I'll find some new friends then because I don't want to be the same as all of you.' Uniforms are also used to identify who is from the school and who isn't, if you didn't go to that school and everybody who didn't go to that school could sneak in and cause some mischief even some major damage to the schools community.

ARGUMENTS AGAINST SCHOOL UNIFORM I don't agree with many of the points above I think some of them are quite typical of pupils from the age of 12 and up. If you go to a College or University you will find none of the points, which have been made above, are being used everyone is treated equally. Below I have made some points, which I agree with. The points for school uniform are from some research I have recently made. I recently took a survey in my class of the pupils against and for school uniform and I found that all of the class including myself did not like school uniform because of these reasons: o Uncomfortable o Cold In Winter o Hot in Summer o Dull Colours As you can see many of these points are true with many schools.

In America many of the schools don't have a school uniform, which allows them to wear what they please. Why don't students at college and university have uniform if we have uniform they should have a uniform if we at secondary school must wear a uniform. If we have a uniform there is always a way to make it look cool, shirt un-tucked, tie loose, top button un-done and also by wearing trainers. I am putting forward a point as to why school uniform has been enforced yet I have placed other points why it shouldn't have been enforced..