Batman Imagine you " re 5, and you come home from school. You throw your stuff down, grab the TV remote, sit down, and turn the TV on. You watch the screen go from black to color as you wait anxiously for your cartoon. Then you see a bat. Not any bat, but Batman, cruising around in his bat mobile, and you think "Wow, how cool!" And finally, when your parents take you to Toys' R' Us, you look around for Batman, past the Barbie's, past Spider-Man, past x-m... there it is, the Bat Mobile, the BAT MOBILE with the action figure and the bad guy.

You buy it and come home, now you " re the new king of the court, new toy, and the slickest one too. That's how I felt when I got my Bat mobile, the best toy ever. Now why is it the best? Because it's the awesome, most coolest car ever, faster than any Hot Wheel. And I was the only one in my court to have all three new Batman vehicles. Now you can say hot wheels is better because of the selection or say it's faster. But hot wheels aren't super heroes, and to me, Batman was my idol.

Also, Batman's car wasn't just a normal car; it had secret weapons, a computer built on, and all kinds of good stuff. And I didn't really get into Hot Wheels when I was a little kid, Batman was always better. Why do I like Batman? Because it's the best cartoon ever, a superhero with a sidekick with action and things exploding, it's awesome! I liked it so much, Batman was everywhere in my room, toys, movies, bed sheets, posters, and comics. I loved Batman! You could easily say X-Men were better because they " re all super heroes and have special powers. But Batman has way cooler weapons, way cooler armor, and a way cooler house. The Bat Mobile was the newest toy to come out, and of course every kid wanted it since the animated cartoon series just started showing.

When I got mine I was so happy, it was my dad that took me, and I was one of the first to get it. Since it was close to Christmas, most kids had to wait until Christmas day for it, when I got mine first. But what if some other kids had it? Well of course they don't just make one Bat Mobile and call it a success. But no one else did on my court had it, so I was the king! To me, there was nothing better than Batman. The best cartoon, and the best toy ever.

Batman was my idol, I wanted to be like him, I was Batman for two Halloweens straight, and I even joined the fan club. In conclusion, I think no matter what people say, there's always going to be reason for me to always like Batman no matter what. To me, my bat mobile is the ultimate toy ever, better than any Hot Wheel, better than any X-Men and better than any Superman. by: Sal Pani agua III.