In the movie Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore, talks about the violence that faces the United States of America and other countries. The movie illustrates gun violence, and the number of people killed by guns. Bowling for Columbine, also talks about different countries views on poverty, violent history and the break up of the family unit. In America, television news programs try to instill fear into the hearts of the people. The news focuses on violence and death, when asked a news reporter said he would go to a gun shooting before he went to a child near drowning. Where in Canada television, the news focuses on what is going around the town.

They are not talking about what can kill you or get you sick, those reporters are not trying to scare the Canadian people. People of the United States of American blame the violence the country faces on our countries violent past; example the whole cowboys and Indians. The only problem is that other countries that have less violence in everyday life have had more violence in their past. The Germans exterminated 12 million; the Japanese occupation of China, the French massacre in Algiers, and the British slaughter in India. As for the gun violence in the world there are three hundred and eighty one deaths by guns in Germany, two hundred and fifty five in France, one hundred and sixty five in Canada, sixty eight in the United Kingdom, thirty nine in Japan, and eleven thousand one hundred and twenty seven deaths causes by guns in the United States of America. People said that the gun violence was greater in the United States because Americans owned more guns then any other country.

In Canada there are seven million guns owners to ten million people but only one hundred and sixty five deaths a year. People of the United States of America also blame the poverty levels and the break up of the family unit (divorce) for the everyday violence in the States. The poverty level in Canada is twice as high as the poverty level in the United States. The divorce rate is also higher in Great Britain then it is in the United States. Canada and Great Britain combined still have less gun deaths a year then the United States but the States still blame their gun violence on divorce and poverty. The only thing that these countries really are different about is their government and military spending.

The Canadian government does not spend nearly as much money on their military and Canada uses that extra money to give all Canada residence free health insurance. The Canadian government does not try to instill fear into the people. Most Canadian residence leave their houses unlocked. Even after their houses have been broken into, the people say we are locking ourselves in not someone out. The United States government spends billions and billions of money and invests it into the military.

The American people are locked inside of their homes in fear of the world. Everyplace the American people turned they are faced with this will kill you and that will kill you. There is no place to hide and you cannot escape, that is the message that they are receiving from the American government. By the American government keeping the residence of the United States in fear, the government is in control and not the people. After September 11, 2002, Wal-Mart sales in guns increased seventy percent; ammunition increased one hundred and forty percent, and ADT security sales increased thirty percent.

Lots of money and careers were built off of making the American people scared. During the day that the Columbine shooting took place more bombs where dropped on Coastivlle then any other time during that war. No questions for asked about that and why the government did that because the whole country was reacting to Columbine and not paying attention to the war. So what is really at fault for the large amount of gun violence in America, it is not the violent history nor the poverty level or the break up of the family unit, it is not the amount of people who own guns, it must be the government and the way they run their country. The way the government wants to keep everyone in fear of the world and their neighbor.

The government controls the gun violence in American by controlling what the residence know and need to know.