The Definition of Love Love is a word used to describe perhaps the most powerful of emotions. People live, die, kill, save, travel to the other side of the world, walk next door, in the name of love. When you speak of love, I feel that you must speak of what one loves because it determines what kind of love that person is feeling. People can say "I love my wife, I love my brother, I love my mother, my children, I love my car, I love going to the movies", or "I love my freedom, that total stranger standing across the street, I love God." People can have and express love for almost anything in this world. When somebody loves someone or something, they can go out of their way to provide for them, protect them, make them happy, and have that love returned to them.

Love can be earned in many ways. When a parents have children, they are to love those children unconditionally because no matter how much hell they give you when raising them, they are a blessing. And parents earn love from their children when they are provided for and taken care of lovingly. The love between a parent and a child is unique because it is not fickle and just for the reason its between parent and child. A man and a woman may fall in love with each other when they spend so much time together that these feelings develop and they constantly think of each other. People should be careful when looking for love from the opposite sex and what they may find is infatuation, when all they really think about is sex and the relationship becomes based on that.

"True love", as some people may call it, can involve sex among other physical aspects, but also must include feelings a person should have for her or his partner. This love also is one that is hard to come by and make last. Sometimes love is given and not returned or people can fall out of love. Even worse, a person might hold feelings for another person but may never share how they feel about that person and love may go undiscovered. The good thing about love, if you are strong enough to express it, is that it can last a lifetime.

There are many types of love in the world to be experienced, far too many for me to mention, even if I did know everything about love, and I doubt that any single person in the world does.